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Section Example Industry Problem Role Model
1.1 Finding Limits Graphically/Numerically Screenwriting:
Portraying Character Traits
Gisela Feid
Actor, Playwright
1.2 Evaluating Limits Analytically Software Engineering:
Predicting Algorithm Runtime Efficiency
Priyanka Atreya
Software Engineer
1.3 Continuity, 1-sided Limits Hiring:
Recruiting People to Join a Company
Irene Vieth
1.4 Infinite Limits Hiring:
Increasing Women in STEM Jobs
Kafi Payne, PhD
Director of HR
2.1 Derivatives and Tangent Line Marketing:
Analyzing Social Media Metrics
Derrick Winrow Jr
TikTok Personality
2.2 Basic Rules of Differentiation Finance:
Calculating Stock Volatility
Kevin Sun
Financial Stock Analyst
2.3 Product/Quotient Rules Entrepreneurship:
Determining Brand Advocates for Business Expansion
David Mansi
CEO, EduSurge
2.4 Chain Rule Health:
Mental Health Intervention Timing
Chris Wang
CEO, Shimmer
2.5 Implicit Differentiation Mechanical Engineering:
Mechanical Stresses in Materials
Auston Li
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
2.6 Derivatives of Inverse Functions Marketing:
Marketing a Wine Product
Emily Orr
Brand Strategist
2.7 Related Rates Environment:
Projecting Ocean Plastic Waste
Tess Krasne
Project Specialist, Oceanic Plastic
3.1 Extrema Industrial Operations:
Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging
John Aquino
Data Scientist, Energy Analytics
3.2 Mean Value Theorem Law Enforcement:
Determine vehicle speeds past checkpoints
Officer Matt Gonzalez
Highway Patrol Officer
3.3 Increasing/Decreasing Intervals, & 1st Derivative Test Marketing:
Food Startup A/B Testing
Avery Hairston
Director of Marketing
3.4 Concavity & 2nd Derivative Test Mechanical Engineering:
Solar Panel Actuator Evaluation
Preston Suan
Sr. Product Engineer
3.5 Limits at Infinity Mechanical Engineering:
Maglev and High Speed Rail Design
Priyanka Gupta
Sr. Design Engineer
3.6 Curve Sketching Screenwriting:
Modeling Tension in a Screenplay
Jamie Bianchi
3.7 Optimization Finance:
Optimizing Credit Score
Tanvi Lal
Credit & Debit operations
4.1 Antideriv. & indefinite integrals Bioengineering:
Determining Mechanical Toughness of Invertebral Discs
Devante Horne, PhD
Global Product Manager
4.2 Area Finance/Health:
Mental Health Risk and Cost Projection
Aleks Bogoevska
Healthcare Consultant
4.3 Riemann Sums & Definite Integrals Writing:
Depicting Trauma in Literature
Christina Fogarasi, PhD
PhD Candidate, Literary Studies
4.4 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Finance:
Managing a Bank Balance Sheet
Daniel Machlup
Head of Growth
4.5 U-substitution Business:
Projecting Revenue for an Autonomous Vehicle Company
Sam Bauer
Strategy Manager
4.6 Numerical Trapezoid Rule Business:
Contract Value for Farming
Pooja Bag
Business Consultant
4.7 Integrals of Natural Log Entrepreneurship:
Calculating Laughs per Minute
Marcus Howard
4.8 Integrals of Inverse Trig Functions Physics:
Particle Motion in an Accelerator
Ansen Ma
5.1 Slope Field Art & Graphic Design:
Preparing a Mural
Zoe Boston
5.2 Growth/Decay Finance:
Evaluating Startup Investments
Kevin Chang
VC & Founder, Courtyard Ventures
5.3 Separation of Variables Epidemiology:
Tracking COVID-19
Nate Poon, PhD
Founder, Myntor
6.1 Area of Region Between 2 Curves Art & Graphic Design:
Painting for Production
Bel Nario
Graphic Designer, Artist
6.2 Volume using Disc/Washer Mechanical Engineering:
Rocket Fuel Tanks
Matt Mah, PhD
Space/Aerospace engineer
6.3 Volume using Shell Design:
Tank Design and Flow
Monica Sang, PhD
Sr. Design Engineer
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