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Build & deploy your Python product in 3 weeks so you can start testing with users.

3 weeks
2-3 hrs per day
Build an app, host it on a public URL. No hosting or deployment fees. That's it.
Build an app, host it on a public URL. No hosting or deployment fees. That's it.

Products built with Python and Django:

Build something useful.

Social network

HelloThere is a video-based dating app that enables people to match by swiping on 10-second video intros, so you can see a little more about someone's personality!

Nate P. (@natepoon)
3 years Python experience

Oyster is a travel app that helps users plan travel trips without searching up every individual tour company. Each post has links to the services used so you can plan your itinerary faster and with greater confidence. The world is your Oyster!

Sharon S. (@sharon_theexplorer)
Python newcomer

US National Parks Guide is an blog-based travel guide that matches users with nearby national parks and activities that they might enjoy!

Michael F. (@mfogarasi)
Python newcomer
Custom products

CustomCandles is a webapp that allows customers to pick the color, scents, and shape of a custom candle. Delivery takes 1-2 weeks and all payments are processed using Stripe (Paypal).

Diya M. (@diyameeniga)
1 year Python experience

Trek4U is an online store that helps hiking enthusiasts hike the right way, with top of the line safety and precision by providing advanced technology and the finest materials.

Krish B. (@krish.balasp)
Python newcomer

BioPrintX is a webapp that allows people to print on-demand cellular structures using bio-3D printing. User files are uploaded to a database, then sourced with the nearest bioprinter manufacturers for price comparison and delivery time.

Mona C. (
1 year Python experience

Start testing with users.

By the end of the second week, you'll have built and deployed your app. By week 3, you'll have extended it into your minimum viable product (MVP) and be ready to start testing with users.

If applicable, we'll provide a tool to help you get your first 50 users from the Bootcamp cohort itself. Previous Myntor projects that have achieved 100+ users include:

Social network

Cooking Diaries a web-based cooking app that helps new and aspiring chefs, or chefs on a budget, find recipes they can cook!

Judith O. (@juditho246)
Python newcomer

Uxify is a marketplace for modular, drag-and-drop UI features and functionality to help designers build faster.

Jenny K. (@jenkims709)
1 year Python experience
Artificial intelligence

Rebound News is a news app that helps offset news bias by displaying side-by-side articles about the same topic, but from news sources on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Trevor M. (@macdonaldson_t)
Python newcomer

...and other apps for e-commerce, health, or finance.

Why Django?

Django is an industry-standard Python web development framework, and is used to build apps in social media (Instagram), e-commerce (Shopify), music (Spotify), transportation (Uber), and AI/ML (Myntor). It comes with a built-in database, user management, admin, and security protocols that you normally need to build and manage, and which can be easily swapped with other technologies as your app develops. This enables you to build a high quality app right out of the box, and then extend it in a way that will be maintainable by other engineers as you grow your team.

Over the course of three weeks (about 24 hours total), you'll go from coding novice to building your own web app. Click the weeks below for more detail.

Scalable Architecture

Every Python Django app fundamentally consists of a few key components: database, user management/admin, models, views, and templates. We'll build these first, deploy them onto a public URL, then provide additional optional tutorials and 1-on-1 live mentorship to extend this architecture to build your MVP.

This allows you to scale your team by building your product so it will be compatible with the 10.1M Python developers worldwide.

Simple and straightforward so you can focus on building.

Each week, you'll get an email with the week's assignment.

Do the week's lessons.

By the end of the 3rd week, you'll have deployed your app and gotten your first 50 users!

Get help in seconds with Bumblebee.

Learning how to code can be hard.

This bootcamp is designed around providing continuous support to help you when you get stuck. As you learn, you'll be joined by Bumblebee, our conversational AI, to answer your questions and help if you get frustrated or stuck.

Hi I'm 'Bee!
A question I usually get here is: how do i start my virtual environment again?

Bumblebee is a first-of-his-kind conversational AI designed to help guide you through building your own Python web app. If you get stuck, ask 'Bee!

Never get stuck.

Whether it's setting up your virtual environment, searching for a bug, or launching your product, our goal is to provide resources that empower the next generation of builders who will address the world's most important problems.


Instant answers 24/7, delivered by our conversational AI.

Social Chat

Real-time chat with other people working on the same lesson at the same time.

Office Hours

Weekly office hours with a live instructor over both chat and Zoom.

Live Review

Weekend peer review to answer questions like "how did you do that?"

...and our subReddit, r/myntor!

Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?
We charge $199 for the Bootcamp - this allows us to continue building tools and providing feedback to increase student success rates! We really want to help you build something awesome.

What's the time commitment?
Generally, this takes a total of 12-15 hours, but some students move faster or slower, which is ok! Most people have deployed their app to a public URL by the middle of the 2nd week.

Is this live or asynchronous?
It's asynchronous! Your cohort buddies though are generally on all the time, and instructors have office hours almost every day during the week. So no matter what time you're building, there will be people and AI to help if you get stuck!

Are there prerequisites?
A laptop computer that you can install programs onto, an internet connection, and a desire to build a useful app. No prior Python knowledge is required.

I could just watch videos on YouTube. Why Myntor?
Building a webapp is hard, and not everyone can do it by just watching YouTube videos. High quality, fast feedback is usually the key to learning something quickly and well - and that's what Myntor provides.

What do I get after the course?
You'll have a publicly accessible webapp which you can use to start a company, show prospective employers, or use in your college admissions. Python and Django are industry tools used at some of the world's most valuable companies and organizations, including Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Uber, and NASA.

Other questions? Email us at We respond fast!

Build something useful.

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