Myntor’s Mission: Help students learn faster with unprecedented excitement.

Myntor: Pronounced "min-tor."

The future is an exciting place!

From a young age, we dream of a better world. But building that world is far more complex than envisioning it. We must take the concepts we learned in school, analyze the problems we encounter, and apply practical skills to build things that work. The things we build can change the world.

It takes 150 days to complete a subject like Calculus in traditional high school, leaving little time for the development of the critical skills that make Calculus useful.

Myntor’s goal is to help students learn subjects like Calculus faster, so they can focus on using it to solve problems that matter. We built the world’s first online courses that respond to student questions in real-time, providing answers faster than even a live classroom experience. Our system self optimizes to provide better and better answers over time. It delivers practice problems specifically modeled on standardized tests to ensure students meet academic standards. And it integrates real-world problems from companies like SpaceX, Amazon, and Tesla to demonstrate practical application. Our students pass the AP Calculus AB exam in just 25 days.

And this is just the beginning. With Myntor’s AI ("Bumblebee") getting smarter with every question, new courses, and features like the Coin Store (where you can use Coins you earn to buy things like personalized videos from celebrities), Myntor will continue to push the boundaries of online education to help you learn faster. You get to focus on solving the most important problems facing humanity today while being confident that you’ll still pass your standardized exams tomorrow.

Contact us: Email us at hello@myntor.io or call/text our office at (510) 306-4880.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? We provide unlimited access to all courses for $399 per year. This includes unlimited practice problems, 24/7 conversational AI support, and all video walkthroughs for each course.
What about student privacy? All student data is anonymized. The AI only uses the questions that students ask to deliver instantaneous support; it doesn't matter who asks them.
Are you replacing teachers? Absolutely not! It is extremely difficult to provide better support than a live teacher. But if we can provide high-quality answers to student questions, we find that our students not only perform better with the real-time feedback, but ask better questions, which helps both teacher and student.
What if I or my family don't have enough money? We're working on this as fast as we can. Our goal is to release an enterprise version that can be provided free-of-charge to students through their school in late 2021. We believe that this will help us provide Myntor to students from families that may be struggling financially.
Who are you guys? We are a small team of award-winning educators and engineers from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, and Harvard who are deeply passionate about making high quality education massively accessible to every student in the world.