We want to help students get feedback faster.

⏱ Getting help takes too long. For everyone.

If you have a question when learning online or in-person, you’re stuck with either getting live help (online tutors, texting a friend, emailing a teacher) or searching Google/YouTube. But tutors are expensive and aren't available 24/7, and searching YouTube for the right video takes forever. This makes learning slow and often times, really frustrating.

⚡ Our goal is to help you get feedback fast.

We built an AI named Bumblebee who responds to questions, gives hints, answers, video walkthroughs, and helpful links instantly for every single problem for 1000's of problems. The idea is to not only give feedback fast, but also remove the social pressure that sometimes comes with asking people for help. Especially when you have a lot of questions.

🏆 91% of Myntor students score in the top 90th percentile.

Daily practice problems completed is a strong indicator of test performance, just like the number of miles you run every week is a good indicator of stamina. Myntor students average 23% more problems per week than their peers. That's what you can do when you aren't stuck waiting for answers or searching for the perfect video on YouTube.

👫 Work by yourself or with friends.

Most importantly, Myntor is a family. Supporting each other is critical to success. Sometimes we like to work alone to focus, and other times we like to work with friends. With Rooms, you can do both. Start a problem set on your own, and share the Room link with friends to help each other succeed. Or join an open Room and meet new people!

Got questions? Email us at hello@myntor.io and we'll get back to you within 12 hours.

Join or create a Room in 60 seconds. No credit card required.