Myntor builds online courses that answer student questions in real-time using conversational AI.

When you are learning something new, you spend up to 60% of your time Googling answers to your questions – this makes learning extremely time-consuming whether you’re learning asynchronously (like watching videos) or synchronously (over Zoom, or in a live class). Myntor builds online courses that answer your questions in real-time using conversational AI. Our students pass standardized exams at a higher rate than the national average, and do it 6x faster than traditional school.

We are now conducting a pre-production beta-test of our new platform. Sign up below for more info.


What's the time commitment for the beta-test?

Just a 30-minute Zoom call, that you can book using the link above.

How much does it cost?

Free, for now, as we train the AI to recognize questions that students have. As the AI gets better and better at answering questions, the cost of the platform will increase. The final version will be released before January, but all students who beta-test with us now will have free access until May 2021.

What about student privacy?

All student data is completely anonymized. We only care about cataloging what questions are being asked, not who asked them.

Are you replacing teachers?

Absolutely not! It is very difficult to provide better support than a live teacher. But if we can provide high-quality answers to multiple student questions, we find that our students not only perform better with the real-time feedback, but ask their teachers better, more well-structured questions, which helps both teachers and students.

Who are you guys?

We are a small team of award-winning educators and engineers. See "LEADERSHIP" below.


Nathan Poon, PhD

Founder & CEO

Nate received the Barack Obama President's Volunteer Award for starting a school with Empathy FX International, and did his PhD at UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering. Myntor started as a side project mentoring high school and college students in engineering, and has grown to serve over 350 students. In addition to his research, Nate also started a school and led Product at 2 startups (, 2012;, 2014) serving over 2,300 people worldwide.


Anthony Yom, M.Ed

AP Calculus Advisor

Anthony received the 2016 Best in Education prize for achieving a 6-year, 100% AP Calculus AB pass rate at Abraham Lincoln Public High School in Los Angeles, CA. In 2017, one of his students was 1 of 2 students in the entire US to achieve a perfect score. He has been a social justice educator for 15 years and received his M.Ed from the UCLA Graduate School of Education.




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