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Myntor Rooms is the #1 place to prepare for standardized tests. Create your own virtual Room with unlimited practice problems, 24/7 instant feedback via AI, and comprehensive study guides.

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Each Room has unlimited SAT, ACT, and AP practice problems, organized by topic, frequency, or difficulty.

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"The shared playlists are really helpful for me. I invited my track team to do it with me and we started doing a couple calc problems before practice. Feeling really good about the test. Thanks Myntor!!"

"I like how fast and easy it is ask for hints and walkthrus on the platform. Bumblebee is very intelligent!"

"I really liked that it goes through each question step by step and then took a quiz that resembled what we just did, it boasted my confidence for the AP test"

"It puts the test into perspective of specific types of problems and how they are actually set up and the different variations. I really like the way I am able to get real time answers."

"This was super helpful! Our calc teacher ended up leaving mid semester and I still want to take the AP calc ab exam and this helped a lot! There's really nothing like it. I like that it helps me get answers and figure stuff out faster than Khan Academy."

"This was a lifesaver! Nate is a super good tutor too. He's really patient and is super good at explaining the little things. but for like 99% of everything else I just use Bumblebee because it (he? she?) is awesome."


Anyone can do practice problems online. What makes us different?

*values reflect a 4-month test-prep period

By Yourself Private tutor Live Class Online Class
Targeted Practice Problems Unlimited 348 480 180 ~1000
Response Time 1.2 sec n/a 5-15 min 2 min 15 min - 6 hrs, or never.
Cost $79 Free $1,280 $699-$1,400 $399
Availability 24/7 n/a 16 hrs 18 hrs 24/7
Practice Tests Unlimited 40 40 40 40
Group study Yes, sharable playlists Yes No Yes No
What if I score below the 90th percentile? Full refund, as long as you did the work. ...Oops. Pay full price, regardless of success Pay full price, regardless of success Pay full price, regardless of success

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